Boto 8 anti-wrinkle


One application


x 7  (multi pack) – saving of $17.50



Facial Masks to fight 8 signs of ageing!!!

So easy to use – the special ingredients are saturated into a thin innovation stretch cloth.

FOR BEST RESULTS USE DAILY FOR THE FIRST 6 DAYS!!!!! (You may need to extend for another 6 days with deeper wrinkles) thereafter use once or twice a week.

Get ready to fight the signs of aging!
Get the salon treatment in your own home and for a non-expensive cost!

1. Eliminate deep mimic wrinkles
2. Tighten skin and restore firmness
3. Smooth skin surface and create a velvet feel
4. Improve skin colour
5. Give skin a healthy glow and youthful energy
6. Constrict pores
7. Lighten pigment spots
8. Moisturise intensely

Step 1: Apply the mask to a clean face, smooth over. Leave on for 15 minutes.
Step 2: Wash off, pat face dry.

Step 3: Apply the serum (step 2) as you would a moisturiser.


Ingredients:Peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, glydin.

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One Application, x 7 (multi pack)

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