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You can lose centimetres and weight very quickly and keep it off.  No need for harsh diets. Results in some instances can be noticed in less than two weeks. The product is taken until desired/goal weight loss is achieved. This is not a quick fix – weight loss/centimetre loss will occur gradually over a period of time.  For some results will be quick for others a little slower.

The herb Aleurites Moluccana is the ingredient in the Fat Loss Herb.  It is non toxic and is used in mainstream Chinese medicine for various digestive and accumulative disorders. It is:

  • Tasteless
  • inexpensive
  • Easy to use – just drink herb
  • Effective

Taken once a day, the herb works primarily as a perfectly subtle, natural, thermogenic.   Thermogenics increase your resting metabolic rate through metabolic stimulation. (wikipedia: thermogenics)  This helps it to be very effective as a weight reducing treatment. Despite being a completely natural product, because of its thermogenic properties – it is not suitable for people with heart, liver or kidney disease.  The herb is also not suitable for persons over the age of 70.  Parental permission is required for persons under the age of 18years. Note those with a nut allergy should also not take the herb.

This product is not intended as a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed with a nutritious and well balanced diet and exercise plan. For accelerated results, a regular exercise plan should be undertaken.

If in doubt talk to your G.P. or your health care practitioner.


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